The K9 Superstar

A highly trained dog model and canine actor ready to appear in your next project.

Talented Dog For Hire.

Meet Frankie, a highly skilled and talented canine actor and model ready to make a lasting impression in your next project. With an extensive repertoire of over 200 tricks and the ability to quickly learn new ones, Frankie brings exceptional versatility and professionalism to the set. His unwavering focus and calm demeanor ensure seamless performances, whether working on-leash, off-leash, or alongside other dogs or people. As a charming and adaptable canine star, Frankie is guaranteed to captivate audiences and elevate your production to new heights.

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Frankie's Tricks

Frankie knows over 200 dog tricks and can be trained to do almost anything within a reasonable time frame.

Frankie’s list of tricks is too long to put here but his most commonly used ones are:

  • spin (both directions)
  • reverse away from you
  • turn and back up through legs
  • place his front paws on any object
  • place his back paws on any object
  • retrieve
  • bring objects
  • pick objects up or put them down
  • recall
  • sit
  • stay
  • roll over (both directions)
  • play dead
  • circle handler or objects
  • run around handler or objects in reverse (i.e. backwards)
  • go sit on a seat
  • go to his bed
  • go into his crate
  • tug on any object
  • open door, close door
  • jump through a hoop
  • recall
  • hold objects in his mouth
  • get on objects/get off objects
  • sit pretty
  • bow
  • high five (with both paws)
  • target (touch any object with paw)
  • touch (touch any object with nose)
  • army crawl
  • wear halter/muzzle
  • wear any dog clothes

Examples of Frankie's Previous Work

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